Professor Nancy Wonders: Visiting Scholar, July 2012

Professor Nancy Wonders

Nancy Wonders is  Professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northern Arizona Univeristy. Professor Wonders works across three broad areas:

  1. globalization and the increasingly transnational character of crime and justice;
  2. the relationship between social inequality, difference, and justice, with an emphasis on the experiences of underrepresented and vulnerable populations;
  3. the development of effective strategies to create sustainable and just communities.

Nancy has conducted global enthnographic fieldwork on sex tourism in the Netherlands and on cross-border migration in Spain and in the U.S. My current research is a comparative, international project that explores how borders are being reconstructed and “performed” at key border sites around the world.  In particular, she examines how gender, race, and social class affect the experiences of recent border crossers.

Her work is also interested in many aspects of global and human security, including those related to new technologies, food justice, and environmental dangers.

Professor Nancy EWonders is an International Visiting Scholar in Criminology at Monash University in July 2012.

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