Current research projects

Current research projects

Monash Criminology is a national leader in innovative, well funded research that is contributing to the development of criminological inquiry across critical areas. Monash Criminology has a track record that is leaps and bounds ahead of any other Criminology program in Australia in research fellowship success. Monash Criminology currently has two Future Fellows (Sharon Pickering and Leanne Weber) and two DECRA recipients (Marie Segrave and Anna Eriksson). Monash University is one of only two universities in Australia to have had success in both schemes.Current research projects include the following:

CRC National Research grants 2015-2017
Dr Danielle Tyson 
(with Prof Thea Brown) The Monash Filicide Research project

ARC Future Fellowship 2014-2018
Assoc Prof Leanne Weber 
Globalisation and the policing of internal borders

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA) 2014-2016
Dr Marie Segrave 
The exploitation of unlawful migrant labour: Crime, labour and regulation

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA) 2013-2015
Dr Anna Eriksson 
‘Othering’ in penal policy and practice: A cross-national study of imprisonment between Australia and Sweden.

ARC Linkage 2011 – 2014
Dr Anna Eriksson 
(with Chris Trotter, Catherine Flynn, Bronwyn Naylor, David Baker, Kay McCauley) The impact of incarceration on children’s care: A strategic framework for good care planning.

Legal Services Board Major Grant 2010-2012
Dr Anna Eriksson 
(with Bernadette Saunders, Gaye Lansdell). An examination of the impact of unpaid fines on disadvantaged groups and the criminal justice system – towards a best practice model.