Sirakul Suwinthawong


Sirakul works as a lecturer at College of Politics and Governance (COPAG) at Mahasarakham University in the northeastern Thailand. She holds BA in Southeast Asian studies and MA in Human Rights from Mahidol University, Thailand.

Research Topic

Irregular female migrant labour along Lao-Thai borders


Cross-border movement between Laos and Thailand is shaped by the supply of and demand for labour and this has an impact on the overall experience of migration, especially on female migrant labourers. Concepts of push and pull factors are used in my research to consider reasons driving migrant labourers to work in Thailand. Job opportunities are the key push factor while economy in Thailand is a key pull factor. This research examines the drivers for irregular labour migration and the subsequent negotiation of the border by women migrants. My primary focus on the drivers of women’s irregular migrant labour in Thailand is to consider women’s experiences of irregular labour in Thailand shaped by migration and labour policy and regulation.


Prof Sharon Pickering
Dr Marie Segrave

Research Interests

Irregular migration/ Borders/ Policy implementation/ Thailand and Southeast Asia