Imogen Richards


Imogen Richards is a PhD candidate and teacher at Monash University and technical writer for a higher education consultancy group. Prior to 2015, she studied Bachelor degrees in English and Media, an Honours degree in Postmodernist Literature, and a Master of International Studies at The University of Adelaide. Her current research interests include the political economy of state and non-state groups, and their related ideologies. She is also interested in the effects of new media technologies on terrorist and counterterrorist communications, and the roles of performativity and risk in contemporary counterterrorist thought.

Research Topic

Neoliberalism and 21st century neo-jihadism.


Imogen’s PhD research explores reflexivity between neoliberalism in twenty-first century neo-jihadism and incidents of neoliberal policy in post-9/11 US counterterrorism. Through media, discourse and documentary analyses, it charts major political-economic interventions on the part of US-led counterterrorist forces, and developments within neo-jihadist organisations, from the Cold War emergence of Al Qaeda to Islamic State today.


Professor Jude McCulloch
Dr Jarrett Blaustein

Research Interests

Political economy, counterterrorism, neo-jihadism, media studies, political philosophy.

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