David Vakalis



David Vakalis is a PhD student in Criminology in the School of Social and Political Sciences at Monash University. Previously, David received degrees in criminology, sociology and political science. His research focuses on how various marginalised populations interact with and are responded to by the legal system. His research has been published in journals, online, and in a book.

David has provided research assistance for projects on HIV criminalisation and corporate crime. He also has experience in lecturing, designing, marking and tutoring in law, criminology, sociology and victimology subjects at a number of universities in Victoria (Australia).

Research Topic

Abortion-related dissent and public order policing.


The PhD research explores the policing conducted by law enforcement authorities of abortion-related dissent. It explores the way the policing is experienced, the methods used to maintain ‘public order’, and the implications such policing has on the liberal democratic society. The research aims to improve understandings of public order policing and to reduce any negative impacts such policing may have by better informing theory, policy, public discussion and practice.


Dr Jarrett Blaustein (Main)
Professor Jude McCulloch (Associate)

Research Interests

Social movements; policing; outlaw motorcycle clubs; HIV; HIV criminalisation; social geography; critical criminology; ethnography; “counter-terrorism”; protest; homelessness; political, military and corporate crime.

Personal websites

Twitter: @David_Vakalis

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/david-vakalis-1b5b2361