Cara Gledhill


Cara is a PhD student studying bail hearings in the Victorian context. She is from Wellington, New Zealand and previously did a BA(Hons) in Criminology and Political Science at Victoria University of Wellington.

Research Topic

Bail hearings in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria


Victoria, while often seen as a ‘progressive’ jurisdiction in the Australian context, has recently experienced huge increases in the prison population. Data also suggests that a significant proportion of this increase comes from more people being refused bail. Using the available literature on risk, and drawing from in-depth interviews with service providers and observations of several courts around Victoria, this thesis examines how risk is operationalised in bail hearings. I use the framework of intersectionality to draw out how social disadvantage is assumed as risky in this context.


Dr Bree Carlton (primary)
Prof Jude McCulloch (secondary)

Research interests

Imprisonment, decarceration, prison abolition, intersectionality, state crime, sexuality and gender, critical criminology.

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