About Criminology Research

Criminology Research covers a variety of areas including: border security, imprisonment, human mobility, sentencing, law reform, homicide, life course theory, new technologies and crime, young people, homelessness and violence, human trafficking, counter-terrorism law, policing and transnational crime.

Criminology researchers at Monash are recipients of major funding and support nationally and internationally.

Dr Eriksson is undertaking a three-year program of research titled ‘Othering’ in Penal Policy and Practice: A cross-national study of imprisonment in Australia and Sweden, funded by the Australian Research Council DECRA funding from 2013 to 2015.

Professor Sharon Pickering is an ARC Future Fellow investigating Border Policing  with a focus on gender and the dynamics of irregular mobility in a large international comparison of Australia, Italy and the US. This project engages with an international audience via the the Border Observatory (www.borderobservatory.org), the leading international site for the provision of high quality, independent research on border crossings. It brings together research on the complex process of irregular border crossings and the implications of crime and justice. Its aim is to enhance scholarly and public policy debates at local, regional and international levels.

Professor Pickering, Larkins Senior Research Fellow Dr Leanne Weber and Dr Marie Segrave are investigators in two ARC funded Discovery Projects which are also detailed on the Border Observatory.

  • Fluid security in the Asia-Pacific (with Assoc Prof Claudia Tazreiter, UNSW) will develop a new model for security in the Asia Pacific region that addresses social and material globalisation, while enabling more inclusive ways of managing mobility. The project examines why people move through the region, their experiences of security and how unauthorised movement occurs.
  • The Australian Deportation Project is undertaking the first criminological study of contemporary deportatio in Australia. The broad research question focuses on how the practice of deportation has changed the use and experience of social control and regulation.

These projects are part of the emerging Monash Arts Research Strength: “Global Change and Global Security Research Strength“.

Dr Leanne Weber will be an Australian European University Institute Fellowship Association (AEUIFA) Visiting Scholar based in Florence from April to May 2012 undertaking research on migration and policing.