Audio available: Monash Criminology Horizons Lecture 2017

On Wednesday 19 July 2017, the Monash Criminological Horizons Annual Public Lecture – From England To Melbourne: The ‘Life-Cycle’ of Riots – was delivered by Professor Tim Newburn (London School of Economics) at the Village Roadshow Theatrette in the Victoria State Library.

Professor Newburn (00:00 – 45:59) spoke about his award-winning Reading the Riots project that he conducted in partnership with the Guardian following the 2011 England Riots. Reflecting on the public policy implications of this event, Professor Newburn called for those in attendance to look beyond the ‘causes’ of riots and consider that the consequences of these events continue long after the violence ends.

Immediately following the lecture, a group of distinguished panellists drew inspiration from Professor Newburn’s talk in discussing the aftermath of the 2016 Moomba ‘riot’ in Victoria.

The Commissioner for Children and Young People in Victoria Liana Buchanan spoke about how youth crime rose to the top of the Victorian Government’s political agenda in the aftermath of Moomba and about the problematic effect this has had on the youth justice system (46:00 – 57:45).

Acclaimed author, activist and multicultural youth worker David Nyuol Vincent (57:50 – 1:09:00) then proceeded to speak about how the aftermath of Moomba has impacted members of the South Sudanese community in Victoria.

Finally, Lisa Ward of the Sentencing Advisory Council (1:09:10 – 1:22:19) closed out the panel by discussing how racialized narratives and the ‘spectre of the APEX gang’ as reported on by the local the media ‘marked an escalation in the absence of evidence at best, and truth at worst, about the public dialogue around young people and their offending in Victoria’.