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  • Crime is an issue which all citizens and governments confront on a daily basis. Many thousands of people in the public and private sectors are employed in dealing with the prevention and consequences of crime. They make important decisions about the daily lives and freedoms of thousands of citizens. The causes of crime and how it should be dealt with are the subject of intense debate.

    The Criminology program provides students with the skills to understand the complexities of crime, to learn about the various stages of the criminal justice system, to critically analyse its workings and tensions and to explore alternative strategies.

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Latest News

  • It is Mental Health Awareness week across Australia and an important time to consider how mental health issues impact the community and individuals in myriad ways. Monash Criminologists are contributing important research to enable more informed criminal justice policy and process in areas where mental health and criminal justice intersect. Our work includes the following: Examining ... Read more
  • Monash Criminology made a big contribution across the three day annual Australian & New Zealand Society of Criminology conference held in Sydney 1-3 October 2014. The Monash Postgraduate Prize was awarded at the annual Postgraduate Conference to Melissa Jardine (PhD Candidate, UNSW).  Sharon Pickering presented in a number of panels at the conference (Border Control, ... Read more
  • James Roffee’s article on the criminal law prohibiting familial sexual activity (often called incest) has just been published in the Human Rights Law Review. The research indicates that the European Court of Human Rights is producing case law, that could lead to a situation where adult family members could argue that they are having their ... Read more
  • The 14th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology was held in Prague (Czech Republic), from 10-13 September 2014. The conference brought together delegates from multiple continents to exchange ideas and research findings in all areas of criminological research, with a particular focus on how different countries could learn from each other’s crime policies, ... Read more


  • Dr Anna Eriksson’s research on comparative penology involves exploring the processes of ‘othering’ in the penal systems in Australia (Victoria and Queensland) and Norway via interviews with prisoners and prison staff. Anna has just completed the fieldwork for this project, which includes 240 interviews in 14 prisons (over 400 hours of interviews!). This three year project ... Read more
  • Since 2011 Monash Criminology has been supporting and promoting the work of national and international postgraduates through the Monash Criminology Postgraduate Prize. This award is given to the best presentation (by paper or poster) at the Postgraduate Conference that is run in conjunction with the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology’s annual conference. We ... Read more