Creative Directions 2017 Program

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Thursday 5 October

“Whose Work?” – Diversity in the Creative and Media Industries

A panel of experts investigate the new (and old) obstacles to gender, class and cultural diversity in the media and cultural industries.

Who really benefits from endless internships and networking? If getting a job is all about ‘who you know’, who gets excluded? In a time of radical industry change, who are the new media gatekeepers and what are we doing to hold them to account? A stellar panel of diversity advocates will help us navigate some of the most critical questions of the day – who gets to work in the cultural and media industries, who doesn’t, and what are we doing about it?

Welcome: Associate Professor Mia Lindgren, Head of School of Media, Film and Journalism

Beverley Wang (Executive Producer of ABC’s RN Drive and Host of It’s Not A Race); Brooke Boney (Co-host of triple j’s Breakfast and Indigenous Office, Media Diversity Australia); Elspeth Scrine (Coordinator for feminist music organisation LISTEN); Marc Fennell (SBS, ABC and Creative Director, Media Diversity Australia); Chaired by Bhakthi Puvanenthiran (Associate Editor, Crikey)

Date: 6.00 – 7.30pm, Thursday 5 October 2017
Venue: H116, Building H, Caulfield Campus
Tickets: Free, but limited seating. Book online

Join us for opening night drinks and conversation with guest speakers afterwards.

Friday 6 October

“Transitioning to Work” – Past and Present Students

A panel of soon-to-be, newly minted, and firmly established career experts offer their different perspectives on transitioning to the ‘real world’.

In this fun and frank conversation with MFJ Masters students, past and present, we discuss their experiences of transitioning to life after graduate study. How did they get a foot in the door? What were their first paid positions? Just how useful (or not!) is university study for the world of work? What if you want to keep right on studying (seriously)? And what could soon-to-be graduates be doing right now to make the transition a little less daunting?

Angus Smith (soon-to-be graduate of the Masters of Journalism now freelance journalist); Melanie Marantelli (MCMS graduate now Strategic Communications, Department of Education and Training); Jason Ng (MCMS graduate now final year PhD candidate); Andrew Min (MCMS graduate now Digital Brand Consultant for CSC); Festival welcome and chairing by Tony Moore (Associate Professor in Media and Communications, and Director of the Master of Communications and Media Studies at Monash University)

Date: 9.30 – 11.00am, Friday 6 October 2017
Venue: H116, Building H, Caulfield Campus
Tickets: Free, but limited seating. Book online

“The Price of Creative Work?” – Valuing Media and Creative Labour

For most of us, making a go of it in the ‘for the love of it’ industries will come at a price.

In this session, our panellists discuss the costs of pursuing our creative and intellectual passions. How do you manage (emotionally and economically) an unpredictable freelance life? What are the impacts of precarious employment and gig economies on our lives? How can we better advocate for the value creative labour? And should we do away with the myth of working ‘for the love of it’?

Ben Eltham (freelance journalist and Lecturer in Media and Communications at Monash University); Izzy Roberts-Orr (Artistic Director and Co-CEO of the Emerging Writers Festival); Miya Tokumitsu (author and Lecturer in Art History at University of Melbourne); Chaired by Justin O’Connor (Professor of Communications and Cultural Economy at Monash University)

Date: 1:00pm – 2:15pm, Friday 6 October 2017
Venue: H116, Building H, Caulfield Campus
Tickets: Free, but limited seating. Book online

“Making it Work in China” – Challenges and Opportunities for a Global Career

A panel of experts explore what it’s like to make a career in some of the fastest growing media and tech cities in the world.

Amid all the doom and gloom about the challenges facing traditional media companies, there are also incredible opportunities for entrepreneurial disruption. Our expert guests discuss what it’s really like to develop a new media enterprise in China’s vibrant digital and creative industries. How easy is it to launch into the Chinese market? What opportunities are there for raising venture capital? What are the creative and co-working scenes like? What about regulatory and policy challenges? And just how different are Chinese and Western work cultures?

Festival Reflections and Panel Welcome:
Professor Sharon Pickering, Dean of Arts

Pengfei Fu (PhD candidate in Cultural and Creative Industries at Monash University); Conor Roche (BOP Consulting’s first Director in China); Fan Zhang (Founder of Shanghai-based Mozzos); Chaired by Xin Gu (Lecturer in the School of Media, Film and Journalism, and Director of the Masters of Cultural and Creative Industries)

Date: 3:30pm – 5:00pm, Friday 6 October 2017
Venue: H116, Building H, Caulfield Campus
Tickets: Free, but limited seating. Book online

Join us for opening night drinks and conversation with guest speakers afterwards.

Workshops – Friday 6 October
Morning Session | 11:15am – 12:00pm

All sessions are free, but limited seating. Book online.

“CCI: What Can the West Learn from China?” – The cultural and creative industries have traditionally been associated with western ‘advanced’ economies. But after a period of playing catch-up, China’s policy ambitions in this area now dwarf those of the UK, Europe and Australia. In this seminar, a panel of CCI experts look at what lessons Australia might learn from China’s new global cultural economy.

Panellists: Conor Roche (BOP Consulting, Shanghai), Danqi Hu (Researcher, ARC DP “Working the Fields”, Monash University), Michael Kho Lim (independent film producer and Monash University), Xin Gu (Monash University), Yan Li (Monash University Visiting Scholar, School of Business, Northeast Normal University, Jilin). Chaired by MFJ’s Justin O’Connor

“CCI: What Can the West Learn from China?” is presented in partnership with Monash University’s Culture, Media, Economy focus program. Venue: H116. Please note, this session will run 11:15am – 12:30pm.

“Shaking Up TV” – Independent producer Andy Nehl (Hack Live, The Roast, The Chaser, Blah Blah Blah) on the opportunities and perils of making disruptive new television at the ABC. Moderated by MFJ’s Tony Moore. Venue: H238

“Strategic Thinking”Melanie Marantelli (Strategic Communications, Department of Education and Training) discusses new trends and issues in the high stakes field of strategic government comms. Moderated by MFJ’s Mark Gibson. Venue: HB32

“Campaigning for Change” Peter Lewis, Director of Essential and regular columnist for The Guardian discusses his work driving successful communications strategies for progressive politics and social movements. Moderated by MFJ’s Ben Eltham. Venue: H226

“Working Social Media” – Smart phones at the ready! MFJ’s Nick Parkin will lead a hands-on intensive session on how to make your photo and video content work on social media. Venue: C110

Afternoon Session | 2.30pm – 3:15pm

“Chinese New Media Entrepreneurship” – Startup culture expert Fan Zhang (Mozzos), will discuss how to identify risks in entrepreneurship, and outline the opportunities, challenges and overall environment for startups in China. Moderated by MFJ’s Xin Gu. Venue: H116

“The Art of Audio” –podcaster and radio producer Izzy Roberts-Orr (the ReReaders, RRR’s Dear, / Hello? and FBI’s All the Best) will lead a discussion on writing and producing for creative audio. Moderated by MFJ’s Head of School and resident podcast expert Mia Lindgren. Venue: H238

“ABC at the Crossroads” – newly appointed Associate Professor of Journalism, Margaret Simons expands on her recent essay for Meanjin, examining the difficult future facing the ABC and its staff. Moderated by long-time ABC radio producer and now Journalism Lecturer at MFJ, Heather Jarvis. Venue: HB32

“Conflicting Work” – Q&A on the challenges of being a journalist and advocate for change, and the physical and ethical dangers of media work in zones of conflict or disaster. MFJ’s Deb Anderson in conversation with Walkley Award-winning journalist Mary-Louise O’Callaghan (now CEO Media Advisor at World Vision). Venue: H226

“Shooting the Picture” – MFJ’s Fay Anderson leads a conversation with photojournalist Leigh Henningham (Picture Editor at The Age for more than 25 years) on the topic of press photography in an era of changing technological and professional practice. Venue: C110