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  • cityThe Centre for Population and Urban Research is an independent research organisation within the School of Social Sciences in the Arts Faculty of Monash University. Its funding derives mainly from external research grants and consultancies. It has prepared reports for a number of Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies, professional bodies and corporations.

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Latest News

  • Judith Sloan (‘Migrants no threat to jobs’, 26 August 2014) asserts that our findings regarding the impact of recently arrived migrants on the labour market are wrong. She says this is because we rely on incompatible data sets. This is not the case. The findings are based entirely on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) ... Read more
  • Australia’s immigration program is running at record high levels, despite the recent slump in employment growth in Australia since 2011. This is because there have been few adjustments to the migration policies in place during the mineral investment boom. Most of the growth in employment over the past three years has gone to overseas-born migrants who arrived ... Read more
  • The impending retirement of the post World War 2 baby boomer generation has prompted alarm in policy circles. This alarm is unjustified. Katharine Betts shows that Australia’s labour force participation rate and ratio of  dependents to workforce are at record highs, despite an increase in Australia’s median age. The report also shows that the recent trend towards ... Read more

More News

  • Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy This report documents the scale of the Melbourne’s recent inner-city high rise apartment boom and the scale of its likely further expansion.It shows that it is an investor led boom, which is disconnected from any underlying increased preference for apartment living. It is delivering thousands of tiny apartments which reflect developers’ ... Read more
  • There has been a sharp decline in the growth of employment in Australia since 2010-11. The Australian Treasury expects this slow down to continue over the next two years and that as a result, unemployment will increase. At the same time as this slowdown is occurring, the Australian Government is running a record high permanent ... Read more
  • The recent 2013 International Education Advisory Council report, Australia – Educating Globally recommends giving overseas students who graduate in Australia an additional advantage in the migration selection system. This report examines the implications. It notes that only a minority of these students are finding professional level positions in Australia. The additional advantage would make the situation worse ... Read more
  • The federal and state governments base their GP manpower policies on the assumption that there is a shortage of GPs in Australia, particularly in non-metropolitan areas.This assumption is founded on a mindset that dates from the mid-2000s when there really was a shortage of GPs in some of these areas. There is a formidable bureaucracy ... Read more
  • Bob Birrell, Ernest Healy, Virginia Rapson and T. Fred Smith – July 2012 This study explains why housing prices are amongst the highest in the world and why this has occurred despite the Melbourne 2030 compact city policy planning initiatives. Melbourne 2030 has failed because developers cannot build medium density apartments at an affordable price. The ... Read more
  • The Australian Government is running a record-high migration program, which it intends to increase in 2012–13. The justification is that the program is delivering migrants with scarce skills needed in the resources industries. However, none of the skilled permanent entry or temporary visa categories targets such migrants. Employers can sponsor migrants regardless of the industry, ... Read more