• The Australian Diatom Iconograph consists of both interactive keys and species descriptions that will be useful for teaching diatom taxonomy to beginners as well as providing more detailed taxonomic and ecological information to advanced diatomists. Read more
  • SahulTime; Australasian Pollen and Spore Atlas; AQUA; IINQUA; PAGES; PALCOMM, Research Publications List, Sporopollenin Seminars Read more
  • The South-eastern Australian Pollen Database is published as D’Costa, D. and Kershaw, A. P., 1997. An Expanded Recent Pollen Database from South-eastern Australia and its Potential for Refinement of Palaeoclimatic Estimates. Aust. J. Bot., 1997, 45, 583-605. Read more
  • Introduction Tara Lewis, April 2009 ‘Seeds of South-western Victoria’ provides a database of 156 plant species with descriptions of their seeds, species information and seed images. The database is a digital resource aimed to facilitate the use of plant macrofossils in Quaternary reconstructions in Victoria, Australia. As well as aiding macrofossil identifications within the Quaternary fossil record, those Read more
  • Activities of the Centre of Palynology and Palaeoecology 200, 1998 Annual Report,. Read more