Ruddock launches Youth and Media book in Serbia

Monash University’s senior lecturer in communications & media Studies, Dr Andy Ruddock, recently launched the Serbian version of his book, Youth and Media.

Dr Ruddock, who is based at Monash’s Caulfield campus, gave public lectures at the Serbian universities of Novi Sad and Nis to mark the release of the book’s Serbian version.

Dr Ruddock delivered a lecture on the theme, youth and media. Read more here.

Dr Andy Ruddock.
Dr Andy Ruddock.

Dr Ruddock also spoke at the headquarters of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Novi Pazar, and was keynote speaker at a forum on Youth and Digital Media in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

His book, Youth and Media, addresses key issues in politics, technology, celebrity, advertising, gender and globalization.

Video of Dr Andy Ruddock on youth and media

Clio Publishing Company founder and editor-in-chief, Zoran Hamovic, said the relationship between youth and media was one the most important topics in the contemporary world.

“Media education of young people represents unique and significant challenge for us,” Mr Hamovic said.

“The book Youth and Media is the latest among many that we have published in the book collection called multimedia.

Dr Andy Ruddock delivers a keynote on youth and media issues in Serbia.

“It is the unique book collection in the south-eastern Europe that gathers foreign and domestic authors in the field of media theory, history and criticism and aims to improve the level of media literacy in Serbia, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.”

Mr Hamovic said during the last 20 years, his company’s mission had been to improve the knowledge of media experts, students, teachers and professors, as well as that of journalists and other media professionals.

“The visits of different authors, lectures, debates, seminars, conferences and round tables have all been part of this mission,” Mr Hamovic said.

“Professor Andy Ruddock and his book Youth and Media have offered global media research experience to our readers. College students in Novi Sad and Niš, as well as highschool students in Novi Pazar, have all accepted his lectures with great interest.

Dr Andy Ruddock is interviewed on Serbian television about youth and media issues.

“In Belgrade, his opening lecture at the conference Media in Serbia in the Digital Age caused exceptional reactions of Serbian media experts community.

“Besides the invitation to cooperate with the magazine of the Faculty of Political Science, he was also offered to cooperate with other media colleges and experts, which was one of the subjects of our conversation with the Australian Ambassador, her Excellency Julia Feeney.”

Mr Hamovic said all participants of these events found great benefit in Dr Ruddock’s visit, including the employees in Clio Publishing Company, professors and students who attended his lectures, journalists who interviewed him and our partners from the Ministry of Culture and Information and OSCE Mission in Serbia.

Dr Andy Ruddock answers questions during a media forum in Belgrade, Serbia.

According to Sage Publishing,  Dr Ruddock offers a “fascinating introduction to how media define the identities and social imaginations of young people”.

“The result is a systematic guide to how the notion of media influence ‘works’ when daily life compels young people to act out their relationships through media content and technologies,” Sage Publishing writes.

Question and answer interview of Dr Andy Ruddock in Serbia

Youth and Media features helpful chapter guides, summaries and lively case studies drawn from a truly global context.

“Youth and Media is an engaging and accessible introduction to how the media shape our lives,” Sage Publishing writes.

Dr Andy Ruddock presented ideas on the power of the media. Read more here.

The book’s audience includes students of media studies, communication studies and sociology.

Media’s influence on society: Dr Andy Ruddock