Music survey: investigating the value of music exports

Associate Professor Shane Homan.
Associate Professor Shane Homan.

At a time when Australian pop, rock, country and hip hop acts are finding new international markets in unprecedented numbers, a team of researchers begin the first phase of their study of national and global music export markets.

Monash University’s Associate Professor Shane Homan (School of Media, Film and Journalism) is collaborating with Professor Richard Vella and Professor Stephen Chen (University of Newcastle) and Millie Millgate (Sounds Australia) to investigate the cultural and economic value of music exports.

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Funded by the Australian Research Council, APRA AMCOS and the Australia Council for the Arts, the research project is an exciting collaboration between the music industry and academics from the University of Newcastle and Monash University.

Stage One of the research includes assessment of the scope and depth of Australian music activity. The project team are calling on Australian artists and businesses (including managers, record labels, booking agents, music producers and promoters) who have engaged in music exports to complete a detailed survey that canvases the full scope of the Australian music ecosystem.

“This survey is vital to capture in detail the domestic and international extent of our musicians’ work across different sectors and platforms,” says Associate Professor Homan.

“As a net importer of cultural trade, our music industries can provide valuable insight into what is required to improve the global visibility and revenues of our cultural industries”.

Music export offices are increasingly evident as nations realise the value of targeted support of key acts.

“The music industry survey is an important first step to measuring the economic contribution of exports,” said Associate Professor Homan.

“It is part of a wider investigation of how and where assistance can be provided to open up new territories for Australian artists”.

The Australian Music Exports Survey is open from 2 November to 2 December 2016.

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 Further enquiries: contact Associate Professor Shane Homan on 0449 500 667.