Monash University launches innovative media lab

The Monash Media Lab’s news room for journalism students.

A state-of-the-art media lab will be officially launched at Monash University’s Caulfield campus on April 7.

Waleed Aly, well-known journalist and Monash University academic, will launch the lab, which is part of the Faculty of Arts’ School of Media, Film and Journalism.

The Monash Media Lab will provide a unique environment that will transform the way students learn, giving them the skills to navigate a new, high-tech world of media

Waleed Aly.
The Project’s presenter Waleed Aly.

Waleed’s opening talk will highlight what can be achieved when ideas and media professionalism come together.

The lunchtime launch will be followed by a mini film festival in the Media Lab’s theatrette and an evening panel chaired by the ABC’s Virginia Trioli.

The evening panel, featuring industry professionals and former students, will focus on the rapidly changing media environment and what it means for future careers.

The session will explore the role of technology and media literacy in educating students with the skills they need to be industry ready when they graduate.

The Monash Media Lab’s newsroom and conference room.

Many scholars working in the School of Media, Film and Journalism are journalists and film-makers with significant industry experience.

As part of the launch, a mini film festival will highlight recent works by Dr Romaine Moreton and Associate Professor Tony Moore.

Dr Moreton’s critically acclaimed short films The Farm (2009) and The Oysterman (2013) will be shown as well as Assoc Prof Moore’s feature length documentary Death or Liberty.

The documentary is based on the book co-written by Moore and was broadcast in Ireland in 2015 and on ABC television in early 2016.

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The media lab features equipment and facilities that will transform the way journalism, film and media are taught and learnt. The facilities include:

• Two radio/sound production studios with an adjacent control-room/audio production and teaching suite;

• An open-plan newsroom;

• Broadcast TV and video production studio announcer/guest desk for six people with mobile tripod mounted cameras, overhead lighting grid and full sound and vision cabling and graphics screen;

• A control room/vision mixing production and teaching suite; and

• Two laboratories, each with 24 student computer terminals, e-lecterns, interactive screens and optical fibre cabling for synchronous and asynchronous blended teaching and learning activities.

The media lab will also provide the means to demonstrate and develop MFJ’s industry engagement and research impact in the community through radio, TV, and online current affairs journalism, documentaries and short films.

For more information contact Assoc Professor Mia Lindgren or Monash Media & Communications + 61 3 9903 4840 or

Newsroom Panorama
Students are enjoying state-of-the-art facilities in the new Monash Media Lab.