Hutchins appointed an ARC Future Fellow

Brett Hutchins
Associate Professor Brett Hutchins.

In 2014, Associate Professor Brett Hutchins will be an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow based in the new School of Media, Film and Journalism.

He will be completing a four-year international research program titled, The Mobile Media Moment: Investigating the Pivotal Role of Sport in Mobile Media Content, Markets and Technologies.

Description of the project:

Smartphones and tablet computers are transforming the production and circulation of media content in broadband economies around the globe.

Recognising the phenomenal popularity and value of sport as a “premium” form of content, this research program addresses the question of how sport affects the structure and operation of mobile media and telecommunications markets in Australia, China, the UK, and US.

This project is significant because it offers pioneering and internationally focussed research that will explain how and why sport is embedded in the complex interaction between markets, industry practices, policy settings, and new consumer technologies in an age of mobile media.


Mobile smartphones and tablets computers are transforming media markets, industry practices, policy  settings, and the delivery of content to users in Australia and internationally.

This research program investigates a premium form of mobile content – sport – to understand and explain its key role in this transformative “mobile media moment”.