The media landscape in which we live is changing rapidly, and communication technologies play a crucial role in our lives.

Honours in Communications provides an opportunity to develop your understanding of media and communications to an advanced level.

Working with a select group of students, you’ll spend more time exploring the role of media in close collaboration with academic staff.

Seminars will provide you with opportunities to guide the discussion and consider topical issues in detail, and you will work closely with an academic supervisor to design your own research project, producing a thesis on a topic of your choosing that will give you special knowledge and expertise in an area of media and communication research.

Completing Honours in Communications will give you an exclusive, four-year undergraduate degree with advanced research and writing skills and an advanced understanding of the important and changing role of the media in our society. It can prepare you for a career in the media or a role where you need to deal with the media or understand its importance, or for a higher degree in media and communications studies.


Past Honours in Communications research projects have included:

  • The relationship between social media and older media forms.
  • Listening to vinyl in the digital era.
  • Perception of bias in public broadcasting.
  • Television celebrity in East Asia.
  • Gender and video games.

For information on how to apply, see the Arts Faculty Honours page.