Communications and Media Studies world class

Monash University’s Communications and Media Studies program has been ranked 19th in the QS World University Rankings.

Monash rated five-plus stars based on eight categories, including research, employability, teaching, facilities, internationalization, innovation, specialist and access.

The top-ranked university worldwide for this subject is the University of Wisconsin (Madison), followed by the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the University of California – Berkeley.

 Monash was ranked just behind Ivy League institution, Cornell University (17th) and New York University (18th).

Associate Professor Shane Homan.
Associate Professor Shane Homan.

Monash University’s Head of Communications and Media Studies, Associate Professor Shane Homan, said Monash’s place in the top 20 universities was pleasing. 

“This confirms our commitment to preparing students to actively think about the role of communications and media in contemporary life in a range of critical and practical ways,” Associate Prof Homan said.

 “It’s also a testament to the research impact and global reputation of our staff, who often lead key debates about social, industrial and cultural change related to the media.” 

Associate Professor Mia Lindgren.
Associate Professor Mia Lindgren.

 Monash University’s Head of the School of Media, Film and Journalism, Associate Professor Mia Lindgren, said the world-class ranking was a great achievement for the school.

 “It highlights the quality of the work done by our staff in the new school and it confirms our international reputation.”


Monash’s Communications and Media studies’ team:

 Associate Professor Shane Homan

Dr Dan Black 

Dr Elizabeth Burns Coleman

Associate Professor Kevin Foster 

Associate Professor Mark Gibson

Associate Professor Gil-Soo Han

Dr David Holmes

Associate Professor Brett Hutchins

Dr Tony Moore

Professor Justin O’Connor

Dr Andy Ruddock

Dr Jinna Tay




  • O’Connor attends UNESCO’s ‘Ahead of the Curve’

    In May Professor Justin O’Connor was one of 20 international experts invited to a seminar “Ahead of the Curve” in Berlin organised by UNESCO and the Robert Bosc

  • Death or Liberty tour stirs up Australia’s transglobal place in political history

    Death or Liberty, the screen adaptation of the history of political rebels and radicals transported as convicts to Australia, toured to the UK and Ireland in December 2016. Billy Bragg, who is Musical Director of the film, noted that music was an important way that the messages of political movements are remembered and communicated, and by which the emotional aspect of struggles and sacrifice, like passion, sorrow, and hope, are conveyed to inspire new generations.

  • Death or Liberty tours in London, Dublin and Wales

    After Death or Liberty premieres in Australia, Manchester and Scotland last year, it has since garnered many awards. The documentary is now on its London, Dublin and Wales tour. It is adapted from the book Death or Liberty: rebels and radicals transported to Australia 1788-1868 by Associate Professor Tony Moore.

  • Music survey: investigating the value of music exports

    At a time when Australian pop, rock, country and hip hop acts are finding new international markets in unprecedented numbers, a team of researchers begin the first phase of their study of national and global music export markets.

  • Mambo: Art Irritates Life

    A new documentary, Mambo: Art Irritates Life, premiering Tuesday 9 November at 9.30pm, ABC, explores the evolution of the Mambo phenomenon and features Monash academic Associate Professor Tony Moore.

  • Ruddock launches Youth and Media book in Serbia

    Monash University’s senior lecturer in communications & media Studies, Dr Andy Ruddock, recently launched the Serbian version of his book, Youth and Media.

  • Monash University launches innovative media lab

    A state-of-the-art media lab will be officially launched at Monash University’s Caulfield campus on April 7.

  • New book explores popular music & cultural policy

    Three researchers from Australia, New Zealand and Scotland have explored the different roles of the state in national and global music markets.

  • Australian television premiere of Death or Liberty

    Documentary drama Death or Liberty will have its Australian television premier this month on ABC TV.

  • Tay and Turner launch Television Histories in Asia

    Monash University lecturer in Communication and Media Studies, Dr Jinna Tay, launched her co-edited book, Television Histories in Asia, at Monash’s Caulfield campus on September 17.

  • Getting to know … John Tebbutt

    Dr John Tebbutt is passionate about teaching and researching, and been lecturing in Communications and Media Studies at Monash for the 18 months.

  • Australian music exports under the microscope

    Monash University’s Associate Professor Shane Homan will work with Professors Richard Vella and Stephen Chen at Newcastle University to examine the economic and cultural value of Australian music exports.