Welcome to Cinema at the End of the World

Every day hundreds of people travel back and forth between southern countries, including Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Indonesia, Timor Leste and South Africa; and with these people travel cultures, experiences, memories and images. The Cinema at the End of the World International Conference takes on a transversal South-South approach to the study of visual culture in transnational, transcultural and geopolitical contexts. It seeks to create conditions for the generation, sharing and circulation of new knowledge that is both southern and about the South as a specific kind of material and imaginary territory (or territories). It does so through the study of the southern hemisphere’s screen cultures, addressing the broad spectrum of cultural expression in both traditional and new screen media, including film, television, video, digital, interactive, and online and portable technologies.

Cinema at the End of the World is presented in association with School of Media, Film and Journalism, Monash University • School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University • Monash Art Design and Architecture • Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation • Screen Studies Association of Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand • Australian Centre for the Moving Image • Monash University Museum of Art • School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts, Curtin University.

A Special Issue of Critical Arts will be dedicated to articles that emerge from conference presentations. For more information contact A.Traverso@curtin.edu.au or deane.williams@monash.edu