Monash Student Wins VIC Region Chinese Bridge Competition Once Again

Alistair Bayley plays the erhu in Chinese Bridge Competition.

 Monash advanced Chinese language student Alistair Bayley will travel to Changsha in Hunan Province, China in July 2013 to represent Victorian universities in the final stage of the Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign University Students.

Alistair Bayley received first place at the 12th Chinese Bridge competition (Victoria region) held on Saturday 11th May at Melbourne University, beating entrants from the University of Melbourne, Deakin University, La Trobe University and RMIT University. During the competition participants were required to deliver a speech in Chinese as well as present a Chinese artistic performance. Alistair presented a very hard tongue twister in Mandarin and accompanied himself on the erhu, a traditional Chinese musical instrument, while singing the Chinese folk song Moli Hua (Jasmine Blossom).

The Chinese Bridge competition is an annual event organised by the Chinese government to promote the study of Chinese by non-native speakers. If Alistair is successful in the final round in Changsha, where he will compete with students from across the world, he will receive a scholarship to study in China.

Alistair’s success in the competition was due in no small part to the dedicated coaching of the following Monash University Chinese Studies lecturers: Ms Hailan Paulsen, Mr Chunming Shan, Ms Candy Wang, Ms Hui Xu and Mr Zhihua Yao.