Seminar by Dr Christiane Schlote on Humanitarian Aid: Representation, Commodification, Glamorisation


Presenter: Dr Christiane Schlote

Topic: Humanitarian Aid: Representation, Commodification, Glamorisation

Time & Date: Wed April 6, 2016, 3.30 pm – 5 pm

Location: Monash University Clayton Campus, 20 Chancellor’s Walk, Room E561

The Centre for Writers and Writing would like to invite you to a seminar with Dr Christiane Schlote from the University of Basel, Switzerland, who will be presenting on humanitarian aid. Please join us.


The figure of the refugee and asylum seeker has been one of the most important protagonists in contemporary drama and fiction. But while their analysis as objects of humanitarian intervention has been essential in post-World War II refugee discourses, the figure of the international aid worker remains underanalysed. Drawing on discourses of global media ethics and literature and human rights, this talk sets out to examine the nexus of aid workers’ ambiguous role as “hero and mythmaker” (Knightley) and “disaster gypsies” (Norris), as some critics have termed them, and potential new modes of interventionist literary and theatre practices in a selection of recent dramatisations and fictionalisations of humanitarian aid.

About the Presenter

PD Dr Christiane Schlote teaches drama and postcolonial literatures at the University of Basel. She has published extensively on transnational literatures, British Asian theatre, war and commemoration, Anglophone Arab writing, postcolonial cityscapes and Latina/o American and Asian American culture. She is the author of Bridging Cultures: Latino- und asiatisch-amerikanisches Theater in New York (1997) and co-editor of New Beginnings in Twentieth-Century Theatre and Drama (with Peter Zenzinger, 2003), Constructing Media Reality. The New Documentarism (with Eckart Voigts-Virchow, 2008) and Representations of War, Migration and Refugeehood: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (with Daniel Rellstab).