Welcome to Monash Arts Business Development

  • Our goal: to translate Monash research into benefits for the wider community. 

    The Arts Business Development Office helps industry, government and community groups connect with Monash expertise in a variety of ways. Our academics deliver high quality research, enabling our partners to implement innovative approaches and practices to addresss a diversity of needs.

    • We engage with our partners to identify major challenges. We work collaboratively to develop strategies and teams (involving Monash researchers and external partners) to tackle those challenges.
    • We utilise our interdisciplinary research expertise and capabilities and world-class facilities to contribute to current debate and to inform best practice.
    • Working closely with our partners and funders, we ensure the deliverly of sustainable impact through our research findings – providing viable solutions and recommendations.

    Learn more about what the Faculty of Arts can offer you – our research capabilities, potential funding options for research projects, ways to work and partner with Monash, and about our team.

    “Wherever possible, we want our research to be responsive to the needs of the communities we serve and ultimately to continue solving the challenges that society faces. We are making sure this happens by increasing our capacity to connect with industry, government and the world’s very best research organisations. We are also breaking down the traditional barriers between fields of study, creating cross-disciplinary teams involving multiple faculties.” Professor Edwina Cornish, Provost and Senior Vice-President.

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