Bachelor of Performing Arts

  • From 2014, the BPA and the two associated double degrees, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Performing Arts, and the Bachelor of Performing Arts and Bachelor of Laws, will be disestablished. Instead, students will be able to take the Theatre major in the BA with a Performance minor being offered in 2015. In addition, those who are passionate about theatre will be able to continue studies in performance by adding on three extra units in the new Extended Theatre Major.

     Monash University is known for its outstanding Theatre and Performance disciplines currently taught in the Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA).  With a vision to streamline our course offerings, reduce complexity and strengthen our theory and practice based teachings, the Theatre and Performance disciplines will now be offered in the Bachelor of Arts (BA).

     This new sequence of study will keep all the best elements of the BPA but with additional benefits: students will still be guided through the theory and practice of theatre performance; we’ll continue to weave together academic learning and practical exploration; and with the new structure, we’ll also give students the chance to broaden their education by taking other complementary units from the huge range of Bachelor of Arts offerings.

     Some of the unit offerings students can look forward to in the Theatre Major include: Music Theatre and Music Theatre Workshop; Directing Workshop; Theories of Theatre; Playtext Study; Script Writing; and our outstandingly successful internship units with professional industry placement.  In the Performance Minor, students will be able to study the practice of acting, devising and technical knowledge in Making Performance; ways of creating their own theatre in Writing Performance; and experience of working with professional directors on a production in Production Investigation 3.  We will continue to bring in visiting lecturers, directors and workshop facilitators from some of the best practitioners in the country, and there will also be opportunities for ongoing industry engagement both locally and internationally.

    There will be no audition for those applicants wishing to complete a major in Theatre and minor in Performance within the Bachelor of Arts.

    Information about the 2014 entry requirements for the Bachelor of Arts

     In light of these changes, you are advised to reconsider your course preferences in your VTAC application.  You may wish to consider the Bachelor of Arts VTAC course code: 2800228131 and 2800228133 Caulfield Campus or 2800338131 and 2800328133 Clayton Campus.  Also the following double degrees Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music 2800328561 and 2800328563 and Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws 2800328301 and 2800328303.

     For advice regarding the process of changing your course preferences, please refer to page 25 of  the VTAC Guide 2014 or visit

     The deadlines for changes of preference are published on the VTAC website:

     If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty of Arts Student Services team on 9902 6011 or for an online enquiry