Undergraduate studies in Bioethics

The Monash Bioethics Centre offers three units in Bioethics at undergraduate level at both Clayton and Caulfield campuses:

  • ATS1263 Bioethics: Current controversies 
  • ATS1264 Bioethics, justice and the law 
  • ATS2637 Global bioethics

These units have been designed to be suitable for students from outside the Arts Faculty as well as for Arts students. They may be of particular interest to students in the biological sciences, medicine, nursing, health science, law, or other disciplines which relate to science, medicine and/or social policy. They also provide an opportunity for students to gain an introduction to philosophy in an applied context.

The Monash Bioethics Centre also offers the following philosophy units which count (as elective units) towards the Minor in Bioethics:

  • ATS2875 The moral psychology of evil
  • ATS3873 Philosophical issues in applied ethics.

For details about completing a Minor in Bioethics, which is available to both Clayton and Caulfield students, you should see the Bioethics Area of Study website.

You might also find  Resources for Undergraduates (Philosophy) to be useful.


For more information about studying at undergraduate level, please contact the Bioethics Undergraduate Coordinator via arts-bioethics-undergrad@monash.edu.