Tips on finding accommodation in Geneva – Angela Ballantyne

Tips on finding accommodation in Geneva

Angela Ballantyne

February 2004

I stayed at 2 rue de Lyon, which is very centrally located, right near the central train station. A five-minute walk to the bus (number 8) that goes directly to WHO. The house has nine apartments – four of which are reserved for interns and trainees. Each apartment has four large rooms (although they are not all always taken) a kitchen with dinning room table, bathroom, and separate toilet. Rooms are furnished (bed linen etc) and all kitchen supplies etc are there. The price is SF860 per month – which is quite reasonable by Geneva standards. The down sides are the traffic noise at night (but bearable with earphones) and the fact that you don’t know who you’ll be moving in with. The advantage is that you get your own space (its not as bad as living in a hostel) but the house is really social – there is party or dinner on most weekend – people organise to go skiing in the weekends etc.

Marc leases out the rooms (he lives there as well) and his email address

If you can’t get in touch with him you could call my flat (2nd floor) +41 22 340 3298 and ask whoever answers if there are any rooms available. Everyone moves in my word of mouth. Be warned – finding accommodation in Geneva is a nightmare, the early you start begging the more chances you will have.

WHO is what you make of it. It seems that interns experience vary quite a lot. If you are keen to work, there is almost endless amount of work to be done – you just have to be pro-active. There is an intern mailing list , which you can access by emailing . I did this before I left and got heaps of advice and information.

There is also an internal classified list at WHO where people sublet their apartments (I stayed in a sublet for my first month here). You can’t access it until you get here but you could ask a current intern to keep an eye out for you.