Study Programs

    • What is Bioethics? Bioethics is the study of the ethical issues raised by the biological and medical sciences, and of questions of life and death as they arise in the context of healthcare. It seeks to address question such as: Do foetuses have a right to life? Is there a difference between killing and ‘letting die’? Is there anything Read more
    • The Centre for Human Bioethics offers three units in Bioethics at undergraduate level at both Clayton and Caulfield campuses: ATS1263 Bioethics: Current controversies (formerly coded CHB1010 and titled Ethics, biotechnology, and genetics) ATS1264 Bioethics: Biotechnology, justice and the law (formerly coded CHB1020 and titled Biotechnology, justice and the law ATS2637 The human body and the international marketplace (formerly CHB2100 / CHB3100 Read more
    • Thank you for your interest in our postgraduate degree programs. The growth of scientific knowledge and technical ability in medicine and the biological sciences has led to a number of ethical dilemmas which perplex all of us, but especially those in the health care field. Does the fact that we can prolong the life of a Read more
    • Details for both the off-campus and on-campus programs follow – please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator with any queries: Planned unit offerings for 2016 coming soon: Portfolio Table 2016 Off-campus Program The following units are offered in off-campus (distance education) mode in 2015. Note that when a unit is offered in distance education mode as well as on-campus, distance Read more