• Project Title: An ethical analysis of the disclosure of surgeons’ performance data to patients within the informed consent process. NHMRC Project Grant 2003-05 ($140,000). Investigators: Justin Oakley, Steve Clark and Helga Kuhse. Summary: This project aims to develop a new model of the informed consent process, which enables patients to incorporate information about the comparative performance of surgeons, in an ethically acceptable manner. The ... Read more
    • Rob Sparrow is a Chief Investigator on a Discovery grant awarded by the Australian Research Council for a research project on ‘Good Soldiers and Ethical Soldiers’. Along with Dr Jessica Wolfendale and Professor Tony Coady (both from the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne division), Rob will be investigating how current and future ... Read more
    • Justin Oakley has done considerable work in this area and on 21 April 2005, he participated in a workshop at Keele University, UK, on Virtue and Applied Ethics. The workshop was sponsored by the UK Society of Applied Philosophy, and featured presentations discussing Justin Oakley and Dean Cocking’s book, Virtue Ethics and Professional Roles(Cambridge University Press, 2001). Further details of the ... Read more