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Postgraduate Programs

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Thank you for your interest in our postgraduate degree programs.

The growth of scientific knowledge and technical ability in medicine and the biological sciences has led to a number of ethical dilemmas which perplex all of us, but especially those in the health care field. Does the fact that we can prolong the life of a patient in a permanent vegetative state mean that we should do so? Is destructive embryo experimentation justified by the prospect it offers of alleviating infertility? Should more medical resources go into intensive care for extremely premature infants given the cost of such treatment and its mixed outcomes? These and many other questions raise complex ethical and legal issues.

The study, discussion and teaching of these issues has come to be known as bioethics – a field generally defined as covering the ethical issues raised by medicine and the biomedical sciences. These issues are the focus of the Master of Bioethics (MBioeth) course, which is taught by the Centre for Human Bioethics. The course aims to provide an interdisciplinary education for health care professionals, teachers in the health care field, and others with a general interest in bioethics. It is hoped that those taking the course will develop a deeper understanding of the considerations which should enter into ethically sensitive decisions in this new and complex area.

Please see also our new brochure on Bioethics at Monash University, and a short video about studying with us [3 mins].  To learn more about possible graduate destinations, please see details of the Centre’s former and current students.

You may also like to see the Bioethics area of study page in the 2015 Handbook.

Courses offered:

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Master of Bioethics by coursework
(offered on-campus, by distance education and through Open Universities Australia)
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Master of Bioethics by Research
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Please note that students who successfully complete 24 points of the Master of Bioethics by coursework, will be eligible to take out a Graduate Certificate in Bioethics as an exit award. Students who complete 48 points of the Master of Bioethics will be eligible to exit with the Graduate Diploma in Bioethics as an exit award. Students who take Ethics and Human Research Ethics are eligible for the Graduate Certificate in Research Ethics as an exit award.

Units offered:

Please see also a list of the units offered by the Centre, including the current timetable.

Inquiries and applications:

Inquiries regarding start of the year intakes for the Master of Bioethics by coursework, the Graduate Certificate in Research Ethics, and inquiries concerning the PhD and Master of Bioethics by Research should be directed to Dr. Ryan Tonkens:

Dr. Ryan Tonkens
Postgraduate Coordinator, Centre for Human Bioethics
Building 11
Monash University VIC 3800
Ph: +61 (0)3 9905 0047

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