Participant’s comments on the Course in previous years

Comments on Lectures:

  • “Very interesting topics, and well presented!! I found all of the lecture topics to be very interesting and I learned a lot of things that I had not previously been exposed to”. (2013)
  • “Fantastic lectures, clear, engaging & diverse.” (2011)
  • “… especially appreciated nitty gritty of ethics in practice …” (2011)
  • “Theory was presented at an appropriate level and I really liked the way the theory was the starting point & then applied examples used.” (2010)
  • “Excellent – particularly like the interactive nature of most of them – it shows a great respect for the collective knowledge & experience in the room …” (2010)
  • “Well balanced mixture – all presenters very good in content, scope of presentations – followup discussions well facilitated.” (2009)
  • “All the lectures were excellent. The continuous interaction during the presentations made them much more interesting – the time just seemed to disappear.” (2009)
  • “Very professional and at the same time approachable.” (2008)
  • “Very good philosophy lectures. Excellent lectures on clinical ethics committees & HRECs. Excellent lecture on Maria Korp case.” (2008)
  • “Enjoyed the informal, relaxed environment of lectures & speakers. Excellent link to prior readings.” (2008)
  • “Over all exceptional. Sue Hawes & Lisa Bridle brought a reality to ethics. Lisa and Toni brought a very practical and emotional component which is sometimes sadly neglected.” (2007)
  • “The sequence of lectures was excellent, each built on the last. Highest quality of subjects and presentation material.” (2007)
  • “Not one ‘dud’ amongst them all; not dry or boring at all; all well presented.” (2007)
  • “Very knowledgeable speakers. Good mix of teaching styles and very approachable.” (2006)
  • “They were well presented, clear, methodical & thought provoking.”(2006)
  • “An excellent balance – providing philosophical bases / frameworks & interesting topics / applications.” (2006)
  • “Terrific. Interactive. Stimulating.” (2006)
  • “Particular thanks for good straightforward presentations on ethical theory.” (2005)
  • “The presenters were uniformly excellent; sticking to the time frames, not digressing, and well in command of their material.” (2005)
  • “All excellent, with a satisfactory balance of formal presentations, interjection & discussion.” (2005)

Participants and some speakers in session at the Intensive Bioethics Course 2007.

Participants and some speakers in session at the Intensive Bioethics Course 2007.


General Comments:

  • Did the course meet your expectations, and help you achieve your goals? “Absolutely. Even more importantly, it has planted a seed of enthusiasm and interest in the area, where I hope to keep learning more and perform better in my role on the [university research ethics committee]”. (2013)
  • “I really appreciated the opportunities for discussion and the exchange of ideas generated by information from people who are really experts in their fields.” (2011)
  • [Most valuable aspects were] … “drawing on real life examples for real life application.” (2011)
  • “Very enjoyable, great presenters, and very personable facilitators.” (2010)
  • “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time …. I have met some really wonderful people with not only professional experience but who have shared their personal experiences. I would highly recommend the course.” (2010)
  • “Having a very pertinent set of readings for each session … really helped me get more out of each session.” (2010)
  • [Most valuable aspects were] … “plenty of discussions and differing points of view.” (2009)
  • “The structure was good. I found the theory most valuable having not had any exposure to philosophy in the past in any formal setting.” (2009)
  • “The ‘structure’ of the Course was a perfect balance of theory, examples, time-off, not early starts. It encouraged networking & thoughtful discussion …” (2008)
  • [Most valuable aspects were] ” … ethical decision making and relationship to different ethical frameworks/systems; Friday sessions & practical discussions re clinical and research ethical committees.” (2008)
  • “Thank you for the opportunity. This has been one of the most valuable educational experiences I’ve ever had the opportunity to do.” (2008)
  • “I thought the course’s ability to raise difficult issues and to solve them to be most valuable, as well as the group process and the diversity of the participants.”
  • “A great week … It is the best 5 days that I have spent at a conference.”
  • [Most valuable aspects were] … “all … allowing half an hour for discussion at the end of each session provided very interesting information / questioning / comment from … individual expertise, of the participants and their varied backgrounds.” (2007)
  • [The discussions were] … highly thought provoking and challenging. [They] bring a practical aspect to the theory.” (2007)
  • [Most valuable aspects were] … “hearing lectures from people with practical experience and then being able to tease out the issues from a philosophical perspective with Justin & Rob.” (2007)
  • “A wide range of disciplines/backgrounds of participants adds to the ‘richness’ of the discussion. Relaxed atmosphere/informal [is] difficult to achieve/maintain – appear[ed] effortless – quite a skill in itself! This encourages less confident/vocal participants to engage in discussions.” (2007)
  • “Excellent course, very good range of participants, both geographically and vocational. All presenters were excellent. Special thanks to Justin and Rob!” (2007)
  • “A truly professional course. Well constructed, sequence excellent, subject matter ideal and very inspiring speakers.” (2007)
  • [Most valuable aspects were] … “issues for HRECs & clinical ethics, exploitation in clinical trials & general networking / informal discussions.” (2006)
  • “Thank you for this invaluable experience. As a lawyer it was invaluable to observe and listen to this remarkable group of people.” (2006)
  • “Congratulations on such a superb course!” (2006)
  • “The dinner table / train / walk … times were wonderful.” (2005)
  • “Great to get out of the city.” (2005)