Links and Resources

The Monash Bioethics Centre (MBC) provides a number of webpages with links relevant to our students and others interested in bioethics. The topics covered are far from exhaustive, and we are more than happy to creater further sites, provided you let us know sites that you consider useful. The links you will find in these pages have been used successfully by Faculty and postgraduate students at the MBC or they have been recommended on similar sites elsewhere. Particularly worth mentioning here is the commendable resources section provided on the University of Toronto bioethics centre website. Use was also made of resources provided by Larry Hinman on his ethics site . Thank you for your interest & happy surfing!

Further Resources:

… are available in Monash’s various libaries. Bioethics is catered for by the humanities library, the biomedical library and the Centre’s own library, which is located on the 9th floor West of the Clayton campus (Menzies Building). The humanities library also has a bioethics resources page which can be accessed here. The library also provides Monash University students with (free) on-line access to the journal BIOETHICS if they utilise the university computer network.


  • Inevitably, any listing of links is by its very nature a selective one. If you believe we should add your institution here, please do not hesitate to send us a brief mail explaining why (ie what benefit would visitors to your site get?) we should add a link to your institution or organisation. Australasian Bioethics Association The ... Read more
  • Series of papers in the British Medical Journal (electronic version)Informed Consent Series of articles in the Canadian Medical Association Journal Consent, Bioethics for Clinicians: Disclosure, Bioethics for Clinicians: Capacity, Bioethics for Clinicians: Voluntariness University of Washington School of Medicine Ethics in MedicineCurriculum Informed Consent, Informed Consent in the Operating Room, Mistakes  Read more
  • Stanford Uni’s bioethics centre (has a substantial section on genetics/ethics) Genetics & Ethics Excellent resources page maintained at the University of British Columbia. search projects Research Ethics: Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk Research Ethics and Genetics Research: The Iceland Experiment, on-line Read more