Example budget – Shawneequa Callier

Internship – Itemized Budget of Expenses

Shawneequa Callier – 2002

Duration: 2 months

Type of Fee Cost in Geneva (Swiss Francs) Amount Required (AUD)

Plane Fare



Transportation (Monthly bus pass)

70 CHF (35 CHF/ Month)



1140 CHF (570 CHF/Month) *



600 CHF (300 CHF/ Month) *



30 CHF (15 CHF/Month)


Travel and Health Insurance





Not Required

VISA Application


Not Required

Miscellaneous (laundry, alarm clock, personal expenses, etc.)

400 CHF (200 CHF/ Month)





* Cosmo Travel located the least expensive flight offered in December. Economy prices during this season ranged from $1980 – 2600 AUD. Lauda Air provided the best offer.

* Foyer D’Etudiants St. Justin offers reasonable prices for decent accommodation. It is a ten-minute walk from the major train station and various bus lines to WHO. The kitchen facilities are significantly better for women. Other popular hostels will start at 750 CHF /month.

* This is based on a vegetarian diet and does not include cafeteria or restaurant dining. Meat products are very expensive in Geneva. The WHO provides a microwave.