The following is a list of Behavioural Studies postgraduates and their thesis topics. If you are a postgraduate student in Behavioural Studies and would like to have your name added or removed from this list, or if you would like to have your email or and abstract listed as well, you can do so simply by contacting our Postgraduate Coordinator


Thesis Topic
Vicki Hutton Pets and wellbeing amongst people living with HIV. Dr RoseAnne Misajon / Dr Francesca Collins
Debbie McCormick Does my bum look big in this avatar? An exploration of the interrelation of avatar choice and customisation, and the construction of identity in virtual worlds Dr Francesca Collins / Dr RoseAnne Misajon
Eloise Zoppos The future of friendship: Contextualising friendship and social networking in the digital age Dr Francesca Collins / Dr RoseAnne Misajon / Dr Mark Davis


Thesis Title
Luke Howie Terrorsex: Witnesses and the re-animation of 9/11 as image event, commodity and pornography Dr Peter Kelly / Prof. Gary Bouma / Assoc. Prof David Wright-Neville  PhD  2008
Perri Campbell Fractured lives, digital selves: Iraqi women’s warblogs and the wilderness of cyberspace Assoc. Prof. Peter Kelly / Dr Michael Janover  PhD (Sociology)  2011