Welcome to Behavioural Studies

At Monash the field of Behavioural Studies is concerned with an exploration of human behaviour in the rapidly changing, and challenging environments of the 21st century.

The minor in Behavioural Studies provides a multi-disciplinary orientation to the study of a range of issues including: the relationships between the individual and the social; human relationships; theories of personality, identity, self and others; explanations of criminal behaviours; individual development across the lifecourse; conflict and difference.

The program is offered as a minor at undergraduate studies level at the Clayton and Caulfield campus.

Taken alongside one of the other majors in Social Sciences (Anthropology, Criminology, International Relations, Politics or Sociology) a minor in Behavioural Studies plays a vital part in preparing students for employment areas that involve the understanding, management and direction of human behaviours and relations: particularly in private and public sector areas such as the human services field, management, marketing, communications and media.


  • Dr Kerry O’Brien, from the School of Social Sciences, is currently heading an international study on discrimination against obese women in the workplace. The study has found that obese women are more likely to be discriminated against when applying for jobs and receive lower starting salaries than their non-overweight colleagues. The findings were recently published in the International ... Read more