Kevin Bradley

Curator of History & Folklore, Director of Sound Preservation, National Library of Australia

Kevin Bradley has worked in the field of oral history, sound archiving and digital preservation for just over 25 years, primarily for the National Library of Australia (NLA).

Currently Curator of Oral History and Folklore and Director of Sound Preservation, Kevin’s previous appointments include Sustainability Advisor on the Australian Partnerships for Sustainable Repositories (APSR), a DEST-funded partnership, Manager of the Sound Preservation and Technical Services, and Acting Director of Preservation at the NLA.

Kevin’s standing in the field is recognised by the positions he holds in peak bodies: He is currently President of the International Association of Sound and Audio Visual Archives (IASA), Vice Chair of the Technical Committee, along with Editor and contributor for the 1st (2004) and 2 nd (2009) edition of the IASA published “TC04 Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects”, which was launched at the British Library.

Kevin has held the position of President of the Australasian Sound Recordings Association, edited the ASRA journal for a number of editions in 2001-2007, and was a member of the National Film and Sound Archive Steering Committee 2004-2008.

Besides audio preservation Kevin has been extensively involved in the preservation of general digital objects. For a number of years he managed Digital Preservation at the NLA and was a member of the OCLC/RLG Preservation Metadata Framework Working Group that developed the OCLC/RLG “Metadata Framework to Support the Preservation of Digital Objects”.

At present, Kevin is a member of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme, Sub-Committee on Technology, and prepared the two most recent UNESCO publications from that group. He is currently establishing a process to develop a sustainable repository based on the recommendations of the report, funded by UNESCO.