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What is life in Australia like for you? Have you lived in different places in Australia? What kind of work do you do? Have you come to Australia from overseas? Why? Has it been easy or hard? What moments in your life have been significant? In a new national project historians at Monash and La Trobe Universities, in partnership with ABC Radio National and the National Library of Australia, are collecting the life stories of 300 people living in Australia. We want to record the life stories from all sorts of people living in all sorts of places in Australia.


To be eligible you must have been born before 1990. If you agree to record your life story you will need to be available for up to five interview hours across two sessions. The interviews will be recorded at a time and place of your choice.

Expression of Interest

The project has selected 300 participants and is no longer accepting expressions of interest.

Interviewee Feedback Form

Have you been interviewed for this project and would like to send the research team feedback? Did you remember something after the interview and would like to add it to your record? Complete the feedback form.

National Library of Australia Oral History stories

You can listen to other Australian life stories on the National Library of Australia’s website.


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    The concept of generations is one that has been debated by historians and sociologists for…

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    The limited international research has focused on youth culture, childrearing and ageing (Eisenstadt 1956; Scott…

  • Significance and Innovation

    Generations and Australian History This is the first major national project to investigate intergenerational dynamics…

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    Oral history is widely recognised as an important methodology for such a history, as recorded…

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