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Undergraduate Students

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* Undergraduate Units Offered by the Centre for Archaeology & Ancient History

Archaeology & Ancient History is the study and reconstruction of past societies and their evolution. It deals with every aspect of ancient life based upon all surviving data. With an historical framework, material culture – art, architecture, ceramics and objects of daily use – is considered along with social structure, religious beliefs, cultural philosophy and all categories of written evidence.

The development of the ancient Mediterranean is studied in both a broad context and in relation to specific cultural groups, over an extensive timeframe and in great detail for major events, achievements and personalities.

In Archaeology & Ancient History there is a focus upon the study of complex societies, from the first urban communities to the Age of Empires. We are the only University in Australia to offer a full sequence on Egypt from the earliest times until the advent of Christianity.

We offer undergraduate units in a number of areas including:

  • Ancient Egypt over a 1000 year timespan
  • Minoan Crete
  • Mycenaean & Classical Greece
  • Hellenistic & Roman worlds

No previous study of archaeology and ancient history is required to commence a major or minor sequence in archaeology & ancient history at Monash.

Undergraduate Units

Undergraduate Resources

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