Writing strategies for students

Academic and Professional Writing (APW) teaches students strategies for successful learning, writing and the effective use of English in Arts degrees through a wide range of programs including units for credit, short courses, seminars, workshops, and individual tutorials.

We work mainly with students from the Faculty of Arts, but also students from other Faculties through our units for credit and seminars.  Our students come from many different backgrounds (local and international, English and Non-English Speaking Background) and from all levels of study in the University, from first year to PhD.

We also offer resources, discussion and collaboration on developing student learning and writing for staff in the faculty of Arts, and contribute to the Faculty’s research through projects and publications, specialising on issues of Academic Language and Learning in Arts and Humanities disciplines.

Units for Credit

APW offer three units for credit.  All units seek to teach students effective writing and communication in academic and professional contexts, as well as effective learning and study techniques.

ATS1297 Academic Writing  /  ATS1298 Professional Writing  /  ATS1340 Words Work

For further details go to our Credit Units page, or for for full availability, eligibility and enrolment information, please see handbook entries for these units (click title above) and/or discuss with your faculty admissions and enrolments staff.

Students from Faculties other than Arts are welcome, and encouraged to enrol in these units.

Individual consultations (one to one teaching)

Drop in sessions are an open office time, no appointment needed, for brief, one to one consultations on any aspect of study and writing in Arts, with AALLU staff.

Longer (up to 45 minutes) one to one teaching sessions, or Individual Consultations are available by appointment in some circumstances.

Postgraduate research, and coursework students and undergraduate students referred by their lecturer or tutor will have priority.

Short Courses, Seminars and Workshops

In some semesters, depending on student interest and availabilty of staff, AALLU may offer short courses, seminars, workshops, and individual tutorials  to help students develop academic literacy and understanding within their disciplines Major or Minor in Arts. Areas covered in previous seminars and workshops include:

  • Organising your work
  • Understanding what your tutors require
  • Reading effectively and critically in Arts units
  • Analysing essay and assignment topics and understanding what you need to do
  • Taking notes and organising them effectively
  • Academic English structure and style
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Developing arguments and structuring essays
  • Following presentation conventions (footnotes, bibliographies etc.)

Many of these topics are also covered in our online and print resources.