Perspectives of global engagement curriculum

Cross-Institutional and Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Curriculum for Global Engagement:  Emerging Perspectives and Concerns

Fay Patel PhD
Bond University

Mingsheng Li PhD
Massey University

Dr Matthew Piscioneri.
Dr Matthew Piscioneri.

Matthew Piscioneri PhD
Monash University

Abstract :

Inviting stakeholders to engage in dialogue on a curriculum for global engagement and
organizational social responsibility in higher education (HE) is a challenge, especially when one crosses disciplinary and institutional boundaries. The established discourse and practice of internationalization in higher education over the past decades has manifested unresolved tensions and inconsistencies that have restricted the effective conceptualization of the global engagement curriculum.

Upon observing inadequate professional development opportunities for dialogue regarding the global engagement curriculum at their respective universities,
colleagues from Monash University and Deakin University in Australia and Massey  University in New Zealand organized an open forum on the topic.

This cross-institutional, interdisciplinary professional development forum on global engagement in an Australasian context was held in February 2013. The diverse perspectives and concerns that emerged during the forum on the impact of a global engagement curriculum on learning and teaching have been critically reviewed within this theoretically framed discussion paper.

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