Matthew Piscioneri awarded for teaching innovation

Monash’s School of Media, Film and Journalism lecturer Dr Matthew Piscioneri has received one of the inaugural Monash Office of Learning and Teaching Innovation and Impact Awards.

Dr Matthew Piscioneri.
Dr Matthew Piscioneri.

Dr Matthew Piscioneri was awarded for his impressive presentation, Innovation: Encouraging Inclusion: Online Tutorials for Students at Distance and Students with Disabilities.

Dr Piscioneri said over the years, many students in ATS1298 Professional Writing had indicated the difficulties they were having with tutorial attendance.
“These might be students with a disability or mobility issues, students who live a long way from campus or students who simply have to work a lot just to be able to study,” Dr Piscioneri said.

“And, it’s a real issue given 75 per cent attendance is mandated for the program! My solution has been to offer online tutorials via the recording technology and the webinar application.

“Yes, it’s meant a little bit of extra work each week, but the feedback from students has been very positive.

“Also, students can drop in and out of the online tutes if something arises, which allows for greater flexibility all round. So, happier students equals better learning: that’s the theory anyway!”