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This unit will provide students with the opportunity to develop existing skills in the following areas: reading, writing, discussion, note-taking, locating sources, referencing, exam revision, writing critiques, and extending their familiarity with key concepts in successful study at University. The program is 100% online and runs entirely over January 2017. The final submission deadline is February 10 at which time you can submit all the assessments.

To enrol, you must go in person to the Arts Coursework office at either Clayton (L1 Menzies Building) or Caulfield (H5).

Enrolment closes 20 December 2017.

  1. ATS1340 is a 6 point credit subject that counts to your degree (an elective).
  2. Students from any Faculties can enrol in the unit if there is ‘space’ for an elective in their degree.
  3. The course takes place over January in intensive online mode.
  4. All materials will be accessible via the MOODLE site.
  5. The exam is online.
  6. The oral presentation is a written critique of another person’s online presentation or a student’s ppt/video presentation of their major essay.
  7. Regular online webinars (which are non-compulsory) will be conducted to allow some degree of interaction between the lecturer and students.
  8. You do not have to be in Australia to complete the unit.

“Having not studied anything writing/English-specific for around 10 years, I had accumulated a number of bad habits and forgotten a lot of what I had previously learned. The tools I’ve received in ATS1340 have been extremely helpful, and I will continue to refer back to my notes and workbook from this unit in my future studies. Thanks for a great unit! :)”

“Loved the content and specific criteria which enabled a clear understanding of what the assessors wanted. I greatly appreciated all the help and support Dr Piscioneri gave me and the clarity of his answers to any questions we had. It also helped me greatly improve my understanding of English (despite it being my first language) and especially, my ability to write quality academic essays. I wish I had known about this course sooner!”

A very good introductory text is Jean Brick’s ACADEMIC CULTURE of which the library has several copies.