Postgraduate Study

Why do a Postgraduate Degree in Anthropology?

Anthropology is the discipline within the university which is concerned with the study of specific cultures and their social organisation. All anthropology staff have intensive research experience in other societies and their cultures and bring to the units we offer, whether they be about others or ourselves, a distinctly anthropological perspective, an understanding of, and respect for, cultural difference.

We believe that ethnography remains the basis of anthropological study and fieldwork is an important component of the postgraduate program, particularly at the PhD level. The ethnographic expertise of the department ranges through South and Southeast Asia, Melanesia and Europe to the study of minority communities and their cultures in Australia, incorporating a range of theoretical perspectives.

The postgraduate programs in anthropology are centred on the MA and PhD degrees, which provide the opportunity for students to contribute to anthropological knowledge through their own research projects. Within the scope of the MA by 100% research a student is expected to make a significant contribution to anthropological knowledge through a piece of critical research which applies and evaluates anthropological theory and methodology.

For a Doctorate (Ph.D.) students are expected to display critical and original thought and make a significant contribution to the discipline of anthropology through a thesis based on the results of original investigation.

The programs can be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis to allow for the varied needs of students. As Anthropology is part of the School of Social Sciences, our postgraduate students benefit from its multidisciplinary nature that includes programs in Behavioural Studies, Criminology, Politics, Sociology, and Women’s Studies / Gender Studies.

Although students will normally work closely with one supervisor in Anthropology, the structure of the School facilitates supervisory support across a range of theoretical and area interests. Regular research and work-in-progress seminars provide opportunities to develop presentation skills, and to receive feedback not only from other staff members but also from the large cohort of other graduate students. Part-time tutoring is often available to doctoral students in the undergraduate program to provide an opportunity to gain teaching experience.

Postgraduate Studies in the Faculty of Arts

Prospective postgraduate students are advised to consult the detailed information provided by the Faculty of Arts (Arts Research Graduate School) on the eligibility requirements for either Australian Applicants or International Applicants, which includes information on admission procedures, advanced standing, fee structures and application forms.

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