New Policy Paper from Dr Antje Missbach



Antje Missbach’s most recent research on asylum seekers in Indonesia has just appeared as CILIS Policy Paper 12. Entitled ‘Sentencing People-Smuggling Offenders in Indonesia’, it examines the sanctions applicable to people smuggling after it was defined for the first time as a criminal offence in Indonesia, in May 2011. Based on a sample of Indonesian court decisions in 99 people smuggling cases between May 2011 and October 2015, it analyses the socio-economic profiles of offenders, including their age, gender, citizenship, origin and religion, previous employment, and their roles in people-smuggling operations. The data also provides information about charges laid against accused people smugglers and the severity of sanctions handed down by the courts. Using this data, the policy paper provides a picture of recurring patterns within people-smuggling operations in Indonesia.