New book on Monologue from Julian Millie and Matt Tomlinson

Associate Professors Julian Millie and Matt Tomlinson (ANU) have been been conversing for years now about monologic projects, meaning those that attempt to shut out rival and alternate voices and commit listeners to a singular position. They found it interesting that although much attention is given to the ways in which monologue serves the goals of oppressive, exclusive projects, especially in politics and religion, less attention is given to the functional necessity for monologue in a wide range of social practices, even ones with positive goals! Based on this interest and a 2014 workshop held at Monash on the subject, they have published a new book in the Oxford Studies on the Anthropology of Language series: The Monologic Imagination.

The book includes wonderful analyses of monologic projects by Greg Urban, Jon Bialecki, Alan Rumsey, Kristina Wirtz, Zane Goebel, James Barry, Jane E. Goodman, Philip Fountain, as well as Matt and Julian. Discussion chapters are provided by Don Kulick, Krista E. van Fleet and Courtney Handman.