Katherine Carroll, Susan Ireland, Louise Johnson, Jenni Millbank, David Ranson and Iolanda Rodino speak at Monash on donation.



Monash Anthropology & Health and Biofutures Focus Program of the Faculty of Arts invites you to a free public event, a discussion of the value – financial, moral and ethical – generated through live donations of bodily tissues and potentials.

A range of human tissues and potentials are currently donated from live donors and circulated: donations of breastmilk, blood and blood plasma, bone marrow, organs, ova and sperm, or surrogacy. In the future, donations of mitochondrial DNA, ovarian tissue and uteri may all be possibilities.

The panel will discuss the following issues:

  • From an anthropological perspective: Where does this value come from, who does it benefit, and what local moral worlds are brought into being through the circulation of these values?
  • From the ethical perspective: How do we frame an ethical system of donation in which donation is appropriately valued without being improperly incentivised or induced?
  • From the service provider perspective: Are donors adequately valued? What unmet needs are not addressed in the donation experience?
  • From the regulatory perspective: What regulations govern the assignment of values upon different bodily donations and what does the future hold? What are the gaps and inconsistencies in our current regimes governing donations? Speakers: Dr Katherine Carroll, Research Fellow, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences Professor Jenni Millbank, Distinguished Professor of Law, UTS Iolanda Rodino, Chair of the Counselling Committee with the Reproductive Technology Council of Perth, WA
  • Associate Professor David Ranson, Medical Director of the Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria
  • Susan Ireland, Manager Blood, Organ & Tissue Programs at SA Health Louise Johnson, CEO, Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority

Location: State Library of Victoria, Village Roadshow Theatrette, 328 Swanston St

Time: 12-2pm, Thursday, 8 June 2017 (Refreshments will be provided).