4th Year (Honours) Anthropology Units


The BA (Hons) course equips students with research skills not acquired in studies for the pass degree. An honours degree is a prerequisite for entry to postgraduate research degrees. It is also highly valued in the employment market as evidence of an applicant’s ability to undertake independent work and produce clearly written reports.

The BA (Hons) course provides you with the opportunity to carry out independent research on an anthropological issue. You will work closely with your supervisor, similar to being an apprentice but also an academic colleague. At the end you will have learnt how to formulate a topic of research; how to collect and critically assess relevant information on the research topic; and how to write a report on the results of your research.

In doing the honours thesis, you will be producing your first book, an experience most people never forget. Later in life you may not remember the essays you wrote as a Monash student but you will always remember the topic of your honours thesis, and remember it as an intellectual challenge and achievement.

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