International Workshop on Human Smuggling, 6-7-8 April 2017

Thursday 06 April 2017 – Saturday 08 April 2017
In April of 2017, UTEP will host the second edition of this event in collaboration with the MPC-EUI and Monash University- Australia. The event promises to be a ground-breaking gathering of smuggling and irregular migration scholars and policy makers who will work together on building the theory and documenting and disseminating the latest data on border crossings globally.

Last April, in collaboration with the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) held at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence an event on critical approaches to the facilitation of irregular migration. The Workshop was the first event in many years to specifically explore the role of communities, state, and non-state actors in the facilitation of trans-border/transcontinental/trans-regional transits deemed irregular, as well as their criminalization, from an empirical, grounded perspective.

This time around the workshop will have a particular focus on collectively building the theory and documenting the praxis of human smuggling, relying on the empirically documented perspectives of its actors. This workshop is a collective effort to comprehend the ways in which migrants, refugees, their families and communities along with those facilitating their transits perceive, talk about, and partake in the phenomenon. The workshop takes place at a critical time in migration studies, when despite the vast abundance of scholarship on the lives of migrants and refugees, grounded empirical work on the processes involving their journeys and the effects and affects in them interwoven is still scant and scattered across the disciplines.