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  • Anthropologists are concerned with their own society, but only as one among many. When anthropology seeks to understand economics, politics, religion, violence, child-rearing or art, it aims eventually at a broad comparative knowledge which does not assume that the contemporary Western expressions are the most important, or even the most revealing, in the quest for an understanding of human cultures and societies.

    In fact, anthropologists have been led to examine in detail societies which are very different from their own, where ideas about beauty, morality, authority and dignity vary markedly from those with which they are familiar.

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  • Dr Sara Niner will be delivering a ​presentation at the prestigious Men and Masculinities Centre at Stony Brook University in New York <http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/csmm/> December 12, 3:30-5:30pm, SB Manhattan: Seminar Series – Sara Niner “Gender Equitable Men? Young men’s perceptions of gender relations and gendered violence in Timor-Leste” This lecture will focus on the results of a 2013 research Read more
  • Jointly organized with the Anthropology Program, School of Social Sciences Tuesday 7 October 5.30pm Monash Uni, Caulfield Campus, ACJC Seminar Room, Building H, 8th Floor (H8.06) Internationally, it has been shown that there is a strong link between various gender related norms, including notions of masculinity in a society, and gendered violence. Understanding this is key to programs of prevention. Read more
  •  Where?   Boardroom, Level 1 Monash University Law Chambers, 555 Lonsdale Street, When?    August 8, 2014, 09:00-17:00 Monash Arts Events Info  Keynote speaker:  Professor Greg Urban (University of Pennsylvania) Participants: Professor Alan Rumsey (ANU), Dr Matt Tomlinson (ANU), Dr Zane Goebel (Latrobe), Dr Philip Fountain (NUS), Dr Tammy Kohn (University of Melbourne), Dr Howie Manns (Monash), Dr James Barry Read more
  • Monash Anthropology has had further success in the Australian Research Council Fellowship scheme, recognition of the quality of our anthropology researchers and their national and international standing. Dr Julian Millie received a 2014 Future Fellowship. Of its four teaching and research staff, Monash Anthropology currently has two ARC Future Fellows (Whittaker and Millie) and one Read more
  • Dr Antje Missbach completed fieldwork in Indonesia and presented a paper on “Imagining Indonesia. Exilic, Diasporic, and Migratory Homeland Utopias and the Power of Longing”, at the Workshop titled ‘Local, national and transnational modes of belonging in Indonesia and beyond’ at Goethe University in Frankfurt. Also, she gave a lecture on “Auswirkungen der Australischen Asylpolitik Read more
  • The Anthropology Program works with senior researchers from other programs at Monash and other Universities. Please click on their names to see biographical information and areas of expertise. Dr. Max Richter Professor Andrew P. Vayda  Professor Peter G. Riddell Dr Hariz Halilovich Read more