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Anthropologists are concerned with their own society, but only as one among many. When anthropology seeks to understand economics, politics, religion, violence, child-rearing or art, it aims eventually at a broad comparative knowledge which does not assume that the contemporary Western expressions are the most important, or even the most revealing, in the quest for an understanding of human cultures and societies.

In fact, anthropologists have been led to examine in detail societies which are very different from their own, where ideas about beauty, morality, authority and dignity vary markedly from those with which they are familiar.

Anthropology units


  • Cornell University Press has just published Hearing Allah’s Call: Preaching and performance in Indonesian Islam, written by the Monash University anthropologist, Associate Professor Julian Millie. Anthropologist Birgit Braeuchler interviewed Julian about his new book. Birgit Braeuchler: You spent 14 months researching with Islamic communities in West Java in preparation for this book, which must have been… Read more
  • We are fortunate to have Paul Mason join our team at Monash Anthropology.  As an anthropologist, Paul has contributed to theory and knowledge in the fields of ethnomusicology, medical anthropology, and complex systems theory. At the centre of his research interests is a deep fascination with biological and cultural diversity. He has conducted fieldwork with… Read more
  • We welcome Dr Samuel Taylor-Alexander to our Anthropology program! He joins us from the J Kenyon Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Science and the Law, which is housed in the Edinburgh Law School at the University of Edinburgh. Before moving to Edinburgh, Sam taught Anthropology at the University of Auckland. He has held visiting positions… Read more