A selection of reports and articles based on the work at Kellis are provided here in electronic format:

Reproduced from BACE 21, 2010 by C. A. Hope, D. Jones, L. Falvey, J. Petkov, H. Whitehouse and K. Worp – courtesy of the Editor of BACE and the Australian Centre for Egyptology:

Report to the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) of the 2007 Monash Excavations:

Reproduced from Buried History 42, 2006 by G. E. Bowen, T. Chandler, C. A. Hope and D. Martin – courtesy of the Editor of Buried History and the Director of the Australian Institute of Archaeology:

Reproduced from Buried History 41, 2005 by G. E. Bowen, T. Chandler and D. Martin – courtesy of the Editor ofBuried History and the Director of the Australian Institute of Archaeology:

Reproduced from G. E. Bowen and C. A. Hope, eds, The Oasis Papers 3, Oxbow Books, Oxford, 2003:

Reproduced from C. A. Hope and G. E. Bowen, eds, Dakhleh Oasis Project: Preliminary Reports on the 1994-1995 to 1998-1999 Field Season, Oxbow Books, Oxford, 2002:

Reproduced from The Artefact 24, 2001 by G. E. Bowen:

An extensive list of publications is also available for consultation here: Kellis publication list


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