House 1 — 3

 House 5

The East Church Complex

 Computer-generated Reconstructions


 Area B Structure 1: general views

Area B Structure 1: excavated deposits

 Area B Structure 1: post excavation

 Area B Structure 1: artefacts and inscribed material

 Area B Structure 1: surviving wall and ceiling plaster

 Painted Residence: Room 1, Trenches A-D

 Painted Residence: Rooms 2-10

Painted Residence: Objects 

 Painted Residence: 2010 Excavations


 Western Mound – C/1

Area C, C/2/4: excavations

Area C, C/2/8 and C/2/11: floor and other deposits

 Area C, C/2/8 and C/2/9: rooms and architecture

 Area C, C/2/8 and C/2/9: ceramic material of the 1st to early 3rd centuries CE

 Area C, C/2/8 and C/2/9: artefacts and objects

Area C, C/2/2: excavations

Area C, C/2/5: excavations

Area C, C/2/7: excavations

Main Temple Photo Gallery

Shrines Photo Gallery

Enclosure 4 Photo Gallery

West Tombs

West Church Complex

West Temple

Detailed Plan of Area D, Kellis

Detailed Plan of Enclosure 4, Kellis

North Tomb 1 — Photo Gallery

North Tomb 2 — Photo Gallery

North Tomb Group: North Tomb 5

North Tomb Group: North Tomb 6

North Tomb Group: North Tomb 7

North Tomb Group: North Tomb 16

North Stone Tomb

Excavations in the Cemeteries — Photo Gallery