Areas Investigated

  • Area A
    This area includes Houses 1-5, a Bath House, the Small East and Large East Christian Churches, and a Nymphaeum.

    Area B
    The area contains a large colonnaded complex, adjacent complexes, richly decorated residencies and columbariums.

    Area C
    This area includes residential and industrial zones which exhibit some of the earliest activity on the site, perhaps contemporary with the early phases of the temple.

    Area D
    This area is dominated by the Temple of Tutu, a series of enclosure walls surrounding it, the West Church Complex and tombs.

    North Tomb Group
    The group features a row of monumental and large tombs located in the northwest of the site.

    South Tomb Group
    This southern group contains similar monumental tombs as found in the north of the site.

    There are two cemeteries adjacent to the settlement: the west cemetery (K1) and east cemetery (K2).